Iranian couple therapist in Ontario

Iranian couple therapist ,This is the best option for persian immigrants. It is recognized as the most effective couples' therapy approach world wide by the American APA. With over 90% of successful cases with no return. Which is an incredible percentage.
Purple Life Psychology
Purple Life Psychology

Iranian couple therapist in Purple Life Psychology Center in Ontario.

Founded and managed by Shima Haj Mohammadi, provides an opportunity for you to book your online sessions with this center’s iranian therapists from all around the world.

This is the best option for persian immigrants to have a therapist with a similar culture and background that deeply understands their clients.

In Purple Life Psychology Center, we offer our services in areas like, couples, family, kids, individuals and seniors therapy.

Our couples’ therapy team is supervised by Dr. Khaled Aslani who specialises in emotional focused therapy, ICEEFT certified from Canada.Dr. Khaled Aslani is one of the most reputed and known therapists in Iran and also the first to receive an EFT degree in Iran under professional and consistent training from ICEEFT Canada.

He is also the supervisor of the SIREFT association and a university assistant professor.
This is only a small part of Dr. Khaled’s achievements.

Our clinical couples’ therapy team led by Dr. Khaled Aslani includes, Maryam Kurd, Milad Tavakoli and Mohammadreza Mohsenirad.

All members in our Iranian couple therapist team are EFT certified by ICEEFT Canada.

EFT therapists have the most relevant and valid international certificate and in our team we have five incredible Iranian couple therapist who have this certificate from ICEEFT Canada.

What’s interesting about this approach is that it is recognized as the most effective couples’ therapy approach world wide by the American APA.

With over 90% of successful cases with no return. Which is an incredible percentage.

Other apporaches do not come close to this number and this was proven through over 20 studies by valid sources.With all that in mind, there is no doubt that for immigrant Iranian couple therapist who works with this approach is definitely the best choice.

Iranian couple therapist

Some of the benefits of Purple Life Psychology’s Iranian couple therapist :

  • -EFT certified by ICEEFT Canada
  • -similar culture and background with Iranian clients.
  • -available for all people with any religious and cultural background.
  • -more affordable compared to foreign psychology centers.
  • -higher progression percentage compared to other approaches with no return.
  • -completely scientifical and practical
  • -therapy and training sessions are kept short.
  • -online and high quality sessions.
  • -saves clients a lot of time and money.
  • -does not include homework
  • -no judgement in any area
  • -no advices
  • -fully engaged with the couple’s feelings and thoughts.
  • -pays equal attention and value to both parties.
  • -focuses on the core of the problem and not just the symptoms.
  • -a completely safe and secure environment for clients.
  • -with the option to use insurance.

We can firmly say that Purple Life Psychology Center is the first and most professional Iranian psychology clinic in Canada with diverse services in couples’ therapy and Iranian couple therapist .

You can use our services both online and in person to make sure that you make the best choice.

Do you have any information about our online sessions with EFT Iranian couple therapist ?

You can receive your online session from wherever you are in a completely safe and calm environment. EFT approach offers the best quality of therapy and training sessions you could get online and this might be one of its strongest traits.

And as a result couples from all over the world can access it and have a amooth and enjoyable process.

In Purple Life Psychology Center, you also have the option to meet your Iranian couple therapist and proceed your sessions in person in Iran.

Our team will make sure to provide everything for our client’s welfare and comfort and to make sure that your training and/or therapy sessions go as well as possible whether you are in Iran, Toronto Canada or anywhere else in the world.

You might wonder if it is possible for you to have your sessions in person in the comfort of your own home, or are in person sessions only held in our offices?

Given the character variety of our clients, some of them might prefer to have their sessions in person and in their own homes.

Our team also gives you this opportunity to book your sessions with your therapist and have them come to your home so that you can experience the most authentic and comfortable therapy session.

You now have the chance to book your appointment from Ontario Canada, Newmarket, North York, Shepherd, GTA, Richmondhill, Aurora and all over the world with our team as quickly and easily as possible.

Bookings take place via our website or our Whatsapp account.For more information you can contact the center’s secretary Somayeh Ghermezi via Whatsapp and ask your questions in English or Persian.

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Iranian psychologist for immigrants - Perpule Life Psychology
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