Frequently Asked Questions.

EFT is a very effective method worth white with a success range of 75 to 95% of its cases in terms of relationships and communication issues, and we can confidently say that if you follow the sessions the way you are supposed to, you will see the results you want in your life using this method because EFT is the most effective method out there.

after booking your appointment and finishing the payment step, it will take 2 to 4 hours for us to contact you. in case of facing problems with this step, contact our secretary via WhatsApp for instructions.

yes, if you were referred to us from your insurance company you can use that for payments.

you can messages via WhatsApp or our email account.

therapy Sessions are preferably held online or in person, but if necessary you can have on phone or messaging sessions.

in-person sessions are done in our clinics office or as home visits in the comfort of your home. and online sessions are held via the link sent to you by our secretary at the given time.

our clinic offers help for are interested disabled clients, and senior and Kid’s therapy Sessions can be done as home visits in our clients homes.

our therapists work with international certificates approved by ICEEFT Canada, which is the founder of the emotional focused therapy worldwide.

you can ask our Secretary for information about this method or check the ICEEFT source website and the APA to learn more about it and choose it reassuringly.

our team provides a secure and safe space for our clients and we also sign privacy policy contact with our clients for further precautions.

an EFT couples therapist  chooses the best ways to communicate with clients and will stay with the clients until they get the results they want.

it takes 8 to 20 sessions depending on the cooperation and situation of clients.

Google meet, just like WhatsApp is a free application. and Zoom is not a free application but the payment will be done by the clinic and is considered as a service for clients.

 you can do that by contacting the client secretary Somayeh Ghermezi via WhatsApp only

if you inform us 24-hours prior the sessions you will get a new date for your sessions, but if you cancel your appointment on the date of the session you only get 50% of your money back.

there is no difference between the two. in our online sessions we do the exact same things we do in our in-person sessions.

*you get to have your sessions wherever you are

*you save more time and money compared to in-person sessions

*you can book your sessions on your free time

*you are relatively more calm and focused on online sessions.

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