Shima Haj Mohammadi

Shima Haj Mohammadi

Individual, Couple and Family Therapist

Currently the manager

I’m Shimah Haj mohammadi

Ms. Shimah Haj mohammadi has received her MA degree from
Azad University (Ahvaz) in the field of psychology
And she has passed several psychology courses


1- Advisor and Instructor of Extracurricular Affairs, Department of Education.

2- Consultant in the treatment of anxiety and depression.

3- Publication and translation of the book Personality Psychology.

4- Preparation of six articles on ISI , ISC.

5- Participation in psychology seminars.

6- Obtaining government awards in field of psychology.

skills courses and obtained certification of


1- anxiety

2- depression

3 –obsession

4- mindfulness

5-couples therapy

6-family therapy

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