Abbas Roozbehani

Abbas Roozbehani

Psychology specialist

EFT Couples’ therapist
Marriage therapist
EFT Individual therapist

Educational background

  • PhD of specialized Psychology
  • MA of general Psychology
  • BA of clinical psychology

Scientific and administrative responsibilities:

  • counselor and therapist in Ameen Psychology centre
  • authorised person of Ameen Psychology center
  • member of the Psychology counselling organisation of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • ICEEFT member
  • SIREFT member
  • EFT helper in the south of Iran
  • International coreskills helper in 2023. Educator: Julia Aultra from Italy
  • International coreskills helper in 2022. Educator: Sydney Goodness Zain
  • International coreskills helper in 2019. Educator: George Feller from the USA

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