Tayebeh Mokhtarian

Child Therapist

Highly committed, selfmotivated, and persistent psychologist with over ten years of experience working in clinical settings in the areas of stress management for infertile women, brain gym to increase echocardiographic attention and reduce hyperactivity in children with ADHD, brain gym to increase concentration from childhood to old age, and yoga therapy to reduce stress and anxiety. I actively seek opportunities to work with international clinical and psychological counseling centers to enhance my knowledge and experience.

Bachelor’s degree in Psychology
Payame Noor University, Astaneh–ye Ashrafiyeh, Iran

Master’s degree in Psychology
Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran

Roles and responsibilities
● Yoga therapy for relaxation and increasing fertility
● Conducting group therapy for infertile or anxious women

pregnancy strength
● Group therapy for infertile or anxious women

Present Psychologist

Dr. Tahereh Mokhtarian Private Clinic, Tehran, Iran
Roles and responsibilities
● Stress management to increase fertility, stress relief to
prevent miscarriage, yoga therapy to relax and increase

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