Training of a child coach

Education of a child coach

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Purple Life Psychology Institute is proud to announce:

Training of a child coach

With NBA approval and ECC certificate

This international certificate includes registration code in the countries of, The United States of America, Canada, Australia and countries of the Schengen Area and is valid for jobs and employment visa applications.


Kids trainers course

  • Learning the basics of communicating with kids
  • How can we raise a capable child
  • Learning the methods and approaches of teaching kids
  • A curriculum designed based on overall growth in children
  • Teaching how to help children grow in different domains and areas such as:
      • Physical movement area
      • Cognitive area
      • Verbal area
      • Emotional area
      • Social area
      • Creativity area

In this course, the content will be taught differently and it won’t only be theoritical.

After learning each subject theoretically and practically from the teacher, students are required to present fieldwork on each subject

This course is being taught by someone who has been actively working in this field since 1375 and has been a kids trainer for years.

  • He is an owner of a preschool and a kindergarten
  • Have passed multiple international and national courses throughout the years.
  • He is also a kids counselor/therapist
  • The founder of the BALSMIC approach
  • With a kids skills certification from Finland

8 session, each session will be 3 hours long

Students are required to have tools such as coloring pencils, oil pastels, papers, toys and dolls for each session

Students are not allowed to record or screenshot the sessions

After finishing the course, students are required to take a written and oral exam and after passing the exam they will be given an international 1st level certificate from Northwest University

Register Education of a child coach
course tuition

Part time: 600 $

Full time:  1200 $

international instructor, Dr. Ali Balouei
Certified from Helsinki, Finland
Dates of holding


For the general public
Certificate sample
Education of a child coach

Accepting applicants from all around the world

To apply or get more information contact us via DMs or Call
Iranian psychologist for immigrants abroad

Somayeh Ghermezi: Secretary of the clinic

Shima Haj Mohammadi

Shima Haj Mohammadi:Clinic manager


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