Early Childhood Assistant (ECA)

the Early Childhood Assistant (ECA) course will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to provide developmentally appropriate child care for children.
through this course you will learn the fundamentals of early childcare and rules and regulations of the Canadian early childcare education sector.

career opportunities:


graduate may find employment as assistant educators:
○ Child Care Centres
○ Nursery Schools
○ family-home for child care

Duties and responsibilities

 some of the duties and responsibilities of an assistant involve:
● assist and participate in the day to day operations of a child care centre or early learning centre
● help provide a nurturinf, caring environment in which young children can thrive.
● understand the physical, emotional and intellectual development of children from infinity to age 6
● maintain a professional approach while observing and guiding children throughout the day
● demonstrate effective communication skills with parents, children and co-workers
● provide opportunities enhance children selfie-esteem during daily activities
● encourage socialization of children as they play and experience things together
● be knowledgeable in related health and safety issues during daily operations.

course details

1. introduction to early child care and education
2. role and responsibilities
3. child, family and community
4. introduction to child development
5. introduction to prenatal and Infant development
6. introduction to toddler development
7. health and safety
8. written communication
9. observation skills
10. Infant and toddler
11. introduction to preschool development
12. guiding children
13. curriculum planning
14. nutrition
15. preschool
16. job search training

For the general public

Accepting applicants from all around the world

International instructors of the course

Amin Gholami, Ali Baloui and Mrs. Maryam Fahimpour

Course helpers

Mrs. Armaghan Kazemi and Mrs. Somayeh Noor Mohammadi


through this course you will learn the fundamentals of early childcare and rules and regulations of the Canadian early childcare education sector.
successful completion of the ECA course will enhance your chances gain employment in early childcare settings and early learning centers as an assistant. our certificate is provided and approved by the Northwest International University.

This international certificate includes registration code in the countries of, The United States of America, Canada, Australia and countries of the Schengen Area and is valid for jobs and employment visa applications.

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