Terms and Conditions


CANI college
1. All courses are held online and offline at the Academy of the Purple Life Clinic.
2. Delivering documents to Canada takes two business weeks and to Iran it will take 30 business days.
3. The courses are in English and Farsi. and the translation option is activated for the exam and the content of the courses so that the student can receive the information and participate in the exam.
4.The tests are online, and after reading the booklets, the student must answer 5 questions according to the time of one week, and they are allowed to have one mistake in each test, or they can even participate in the test again.
*There is no limit to the number of participants in the exam and it can be done within a week
5. Certificates issued by CANI College are registered in the province of British Columbia and Ontario and are approved by the Higher Education system.


Northwest International University
1. The courses in this university are offered online and offline.
2. The documents issued by Northwest International University can be presented in the countries of America, Canada, Australia and Europe.
3. The certificates of this university have a registration code to confirm the certificate and have the advantage of a seal approved by the Immigration Department and the Ministry of Science of the destination country.
4. The package of documents issued by the university including (Courses certificate, Headings approval certificate, Translation of the degree from the official university according to the applicant’s needs, Course duration certificate and the seal of approval of the American judiciary to confirm the validity of the certificate)
5. The courses are held in Persian and the professors have the title of accredited master.


Avicenna College
1. The courses are held online and in Persian.
2. This college has a Euro 2005 and is approved by WES.
3. These documents can be presented in all European countries and are approved by the higher education institutions of these countries
4. The documents of this university are issued at the degree level (diploma, Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree). The courses in this university are offered online and offline.


Regulations of the clinical department
1. In the clinical department, the clinic and the therapist are obliged to keep the client’s secrets
2. Therapists in Iran and all countries have a psychological system code that can be seen in their profile.
3. The clinic secretary will adjust the time taking into account the time difference between the countries.
4. The payments are based on the standard rates of the Iranian Psychology Organization, and if the clinic clients book 3 or 5 sessions, they can use discounts with the coordination of the clinic secretary. It should be noted that the client can book a single session if they wish.
* For clients outside of Iran, payment is made online and through the website with Canadian dollars, and it is offered with a special discount for Iranians all over the world.
5. The client and the therapist are required to attend the scheduled sessions.
*Determining the time of the session takes place after the deposit, and 24 hours before the meeting, it will be re-coordinated with the clients.
* If under any circumstances the client cannot attend the scheduled session, they must coordinate with the secretary 24 hours beforehand, otherwise the amount will not be refunded and the therapist’s fee will be deposited.
* If the therapist cannot be present at the scheduled time, they must inform the client 24 hours beforehand to change the session’s time with the coordination of the secretary. Otherwise, the amount will be saved for the client and another time will be coordinated for the session.
6. For clients outside of Iran, it is possible to issue a receipt to receive the consultation fee from insurance



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