Purple Life Psychology Clinic

Soroor Sadat Noorieh

Clinical psychologist, elders' therapist

APA member
Active in the area of elders’ empowerment.
Presentor of therapeutic programs for elders


-Psychologist of Hayate No rehab center in Ahvaz.
-Active in children and parents psychology field. Participant in teacher training courses to empower children, trained by Dr. Balouei.
-Active in the Sunrise of Unionville nursing home.
-Perfoming different therapeutic activities concerning physical, social, cognitive, emotional and spiritual aspects.
-Producer of weekly and monthly activities for the seniors covering physical, emotional, social, cognitive and spiritual aspects.
-Accompanying seniors in events such as concerts and etc.
-Content creator and activity provider specialized for seniors with Alzheimer and other conditions.
-Researcher of the pandemic’s affects on seniors.
-Producer of an online activity package for seniors.
-certified Gerontologist

General Information

-Born in 1981

-Clinical psychologist

-Gerontology social service worker


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