Shiva Sherkat

Individual and Couple Therapist

Autism Spectrum Disorder

A hardworking, conscientious, and caring Clinical counselor with 7+ Experience in treating people who have diverse needs extensive with delivering appropriate therapies to families, couples, and groups of people who are suffering or dealing with mental health issues or problems. With have a proven ability to empathize with individuals while retaining an objective and realistic approach to their treatment and therapy. Comfortable working and communicating with people from all backgrounds and having abuse, Mental Health, offering clinical counseling, depression, anxiety, marital difficulties and providing treatment
services to families.

providing treatment services to families, assisting and working with mental health specialists, providing diagnostic and therapeutic services, providing
on-call services, offering clinical counseling, and collaborating with other professionals in the field.
Counseling skills, a holistic approach to deal with people, anger management skills, psychological abilities, patience, Active listening, and
the ability to coordinate well.

As Counsellor ( in person) October 2020 _ present Offered counseling services with Developed a treatment plan with use cognitive behavioral therapy techniques (CBT), EMDR Techniques,
Mindfulness techniques, Hypnotherapy techniques to address mental health
conditions and improve patient outcomes during a crisis.

Assess the mental condition of clients based on various diagnostic tests, observation, referring notes, and conversations with the individual patient.
Track patient progress for patients struggling with Mental health issues within a specific program of treatment that stresses positive behaviors and interventions over time.
Free counseling for citizens without health insurance to address crises like anxiety, Depression and families conflict with youth, and worked with families to help support and treat individual behaviors.

Bramble wood Daycare, after school Coquitlam, Canada Feb 2019 – july2019
Duties: Provide learning support to Childs with learning challenges Implement individual programs and contracts for Childs who are unable to function in a regular classroom setting Discuss with team members any changes which may be made to an individual child’s program Organize and participate in field trips, sports, social, recreational and craft activities Supervise Childs, as required, and deal with disciplinary problems as they occur.

Ordibehesht Counseling Center – Iran, Kerman 2015 – 2017
Provide comprehensive assessments of clients on which to base appropriate counseling interventions, or to make recommendations for referral to other healthcare professionals.
• Listening to individuals’ problems and empathizing with them.
• Carrying out complex therapeutic assessments on vulnerable service users
• Establishing trust and a bond with clients.
• Developing suitable treatment plans and implementing them.
Identify problems quickly, explaining it to a client & then finding a solution. Counseling clients with issues & eating disorders. Referring clients to other healthcare professionals, when appropriate. Monitoring a client’s response to counseling, looking for signs of improvement. Maintaining clinical records & providing verbal & written reports on cases. Interviewing, observing, and testing clients to get information about them. Attending training days for ongoing professional development.
• Interviewed children and families to identify their psychological needs and provide accurate diagnosis.
• Counseled with patients to overcome their emotional disorders, including self-esteem and overeating.
• Taught parents how to apply strategies learned in therapy at home and school.


Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology,
Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Shiraz
University, Iran
2013 Bachelor of Clinical Psychology,
Azad University, Tehran, Iran 1995
REFERENCES – Available on request

1- Responsible Adult August 2019 2- Nutritional Medicine in Brain Development April 2020 3- Autism Spectrum Disorder Training July 2020 4- Neurofeedback Training September 2021 5- Advance EMDR October 2021 6- Psychopharmacologist for Psychologists November 2021

As speaker in SUCCESS Tri-Cities Immigrant Settlement Integration Program
JAN 2022
As mental health perfectional in Canadian Mental Health Association
September 2021 – November 2021
As speaker in ISS of BC
JAN 2021
As speaker in SUCCESS
September 2021
As speaker in ISS of BC
October 2022

• Patience and having a calm manner.
• Experience of working with Child, young people and vulnerable adults.
• Having a mature attitude and personality.
• Having a person-centered approach towards counseling.
• Aware of policies and procedures regarding equal opportunities, child protection, risk assessment, confidentiality etc.


Personal skills

First Aid
Red Cross Canada,
Vancouver BC

English ***
Farsi *****
Dari *****


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