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Amin Gholami


Current Position: Visiting Researcher at School of Human Kinetics
in University of Ottawa, Canada

2013Visiting Professor, California State University, Department of Kinesiology, Fullerton, USA

2011Ph.D: Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Teacher Training University, Iran

2004M.A. Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran

1999B.A: English Language, University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran.

Administrative Experience
Head of department of Motor Develoment in Sport, SSRI, Iran, 2013 to 2018

Director of International Scientific Collaboration Office, SSRI, 2012 to 2019

Director of International Affairs, National University Sports Federation of Iran, 2008 to 2010

Director of International Affairs, Physical Education Office, Ministry of Sciences, Research and Technology
of Iran, 2007 to 2008.

Cofounder and President of International Association of Children’s Active Play and Sports, 20182019
Vice president of International Association of Children’s Active Play and Sports, 2018present

Founder and director of Children’s Active Play and Sports Center of Iran affiliated to SSRI, 2019 continue
Representative of International Play Association (IPA) in Iran, 2015 2018

Member of board of directors of Children’s Physical Activity and Sport Association in Sport for All
Federation of Iran, 2017 continue

Director of Children’s Active Play and Sports Committee of Sport for All Department in Tehran Province,
2017 continue

Theorist and executive manager of three International Contest on Innovative ideas for Children’s Active
Play and Sports, 201620172018

Theorist and executive manager of two National Campaign entitled “My ball, Is Yours” for gathering ball
for poor children in Iran 2018 and 2019.

Administrative Experience




Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding performance contribution to the COVID19 rick communication
& Community Engagement Initiative in Iran from Resident representative United Nations Development
Program in Iran, December, 2021

Certificate of Presidential Award from International Organization for Health, Sport and Kinesiology
(IOHSK) for corporation for international services, January, 2021

Certificate of Appreciate from Sport Sciences Research Institute of Iran for performance of National wide
Active Play Campaign, 2020.

Awarded 23 Certificates of Appreciate for teaching at scientific workshops (country wide or international

Best Paper Award, For the paper oral entitled: the effect of CHASBINO package on motor development of
preschool children, awarded by Tehran University, 1st International Congress on Sport Sciences &
Interdisciplinary Research /Semivirtual, 1112 Nov.2021

International membership
Member of IPA International Play Association

Member of 1PhysedED.PH

Member of International Organization for Health , Sport and Kinesiology (IOHSK)

Member of International Association of physical literacy

Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Humanities Insights, 2022

Reviewer of American Journal of Pediatrics, 2022

Reviewer of International Journal of Pediatrics, 2022

Coaching Certificates
Children’s Active Play and Sports Certified Coach from National Sport for All Federation of Iran, 2020

Physical Literacy Coach Certified by University of Western Australia, Kiddo (
https://kiddo.edu.au/), 2020
Motor Skill Learning Certified Coach, Swiss, 2018

Football Coaching Certificate issued by Football Federation of Iran, 2005.

Academic Teaching Experience

Ph.D course: Specialized language for doctoral students, Azad University, Tehran, Iran Fall, 2021.
M.A course: Motor control, Azad University, Tehran, Iran, winter, 2022.

M.A and Ph.D. Courses: Motor Learning and Control, Motor Development, Department of Physical
Education and Sport, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran, 2011

M.A Courses: Motor Development Assessment, Payamnoor University ,Tehran, 2015 to 2018

B.A Courses: Motor Development, Physical Education and Sport Department, Kharazmi University,
Tehran, Iran, 2010

Courses: Motor Learning and Control, Motor Development, Programs: Diploma of Kinesiology,
Department: Physical Education and Sport, AZAD University, Iran

Scientific papers

Gholami, A. Naeimikia, M. (2021) Effect of Stickygym games on motor development of children during
Covid19 lockdown, Journal of Exercise Science and Medicine, Volume 13, Issue 1,
2. Abdoshahi M., Gholami A., Naeimikia M. (2022) Relationships between Autonomy Support with
Intrinsic Motivation, Anxiety, and Intention to Physical Activity in Children International Journal of
Pediatrics, 10 (3) 1562315629

3. Gholami A., Rostami, S. (2021) Effect of a fun virtual purposeful active play program on children’s
physical fitness during home quarantine due to the outbreak of Covid19 ,Motor Behavior, Volume 13,
Issue 44 Pages 169188

4. Naeimikia M, Gholami A, Najafzadeh F (2021) Effect of Participation in a Course of Recreational Sports
Activity on the SelfEfficacy and Resilience of the Physical Education Teachers. Sports Psychology (1),

5. Gholami A.
)2019( Rainbow Parachute Games on Motor Development of Autism Spectrum Disorder
Children. Middle Eastern Journal of Disability Studies; 9 :107107

6. Dana A., Rafiee, S. Gholami A. (2019) Motor reaction time and accuracy in patients with multiple sclerosis:
effects of an active computerized training program, Neurological Sciences , 40, Issue 9, pp 18491854|

7. Dana A., Rafiee, S. Gholami A. (2019) The effect of Neurofeedback training on working memory andperceptual motor development in athlete boys ,The Journal of Rehabilitation Sciences and Research(JRSR) 6, 1

8. Naeimikia M. , Gholami A. Helalizadeh M. Ahar S. Irani R. (2019) Content Analysis and Comparison of
Iranian Journals in Motor Behavior and Sport Psychology Domains, Motor Behavior, Volume 11, No 37

9. Maleki M., Allahvaisi F., Gholami, A. (2018)The Standardization of Soccer School Players’ Offensive
Behavior GameBased Evaluation Tool, Teaching in Research of J. Vol 6, No 2,

10. Naeimikia, M. Izanloo Z, Gholami A (2018) The Effect Task Training with Increased cognitive load on
the Traits of related to Balance in Elderly Males , Journal of Geriatric Nursing 4 (3), 00

11. Tadayon P., Shokrzadeh,S. Gholami,A. (2017) study the intelligence profiles and motor skills in autistic
children, Coleccion jorge alvarez lleras Vol.4, No.2

12. Vaziri Saber, S. Shokrzadeh, S. Gholami,A. (2017) the effect of speed ball on eyes tracking in children
with autism, Coleccion jorge alvarez lleras, Vol.4, No.2

13. Gholami, A. & Naimikia, M. (2016) Effect of TGfU approach on motor development and social maturity
of elementary students Research quarterly for exercise and sport,Research quarterly for exercise and
sport, v87 suppl 1 pSiS120

14. Naimikia, M. Gholami, A. & (2016) Relationship between sport participation motivation and Teaching
Game for understanding among novice, Research quarterly for exercise and sport, v87 suppl 1 pSiS120

15. Yaali R, Naeimi Kia M, Gholami A. (2018) Effect of weight transfer training on static and dynamic
balance of older women. JRSM. 8 (16) :4759

16. Azimzadeh, E. Ghasemi A., Gholami, A.(2015)Effect of selected visual and sport training program on
visual skills, Motor Behavior Journal of Iran, no.22, p.1632

17. Gholami, A., Abani Arani, M., Ghasemi, Ghafari, A., B. (2016)The Effect of Selected Rainbow Parachute
Games on Motor and Social Development of Preschool Children, Motor Behavior Journal of Iran, no.24,

18. Gholami, A.Naimikia, M. Bahrami, A. Kordi, Hasan, Talebi, R. (2017). The Relationship of Force Control
and Adjustment of Dominant hand’s Angle to selected Psychological traits in Athlete and Nonathlete
students. Motor Behavior Journal, Iran, no.28,p.5372

19. Naimikia, M. Gholami, A. (2018) Effect of walking training on cobblestone mats on spatiotemporal
parameters for the elderly, Motor Behavior Journal, Iran, no 30,p.7186

20. Kordi H., Sohrabi, M., Saberi Kakhki,A., Attarzadeh H., S. Gholami, A.(2017)The Effect of Frequency of
Verbal Feedback on Motor Performance and Learning in Children with Developmental Coordination
Disorder,The Scientific Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine,7: 69


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